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Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy has been working in the writing industry for the past two years, most recently working for Denver’s 5280 Magazine. She loves writing about the Colorado outdoors, and has written about everything from snowshoeing to ultra-running. This is her third season with Avid4 Adventure. Her hobbies include playing the harmonica and stand-up paddle boarding. She is originally from South Florida.
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April 29, 2021
3 Reasons Working at Avid4 Adventure is the Best Summer Job Experience

I walked into my college’s semi-annual job fair looking for just that—a summer job. Instead, I walked out with an overwhelming sense of joy, a feeling of community, a new family. Avid4 Adventure, I learned, was not only a great company, but had core values which I believed in, values I knew I’d be proud and capable to teach and pass on. The two staff members working the job fair table were so sincere at explaining those values and the positive work environment that had grown from the company’s staff culture that I knew I was where I belonged.

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October 22, 2020
What to Bring to Summer Day Camp: The Five Essentials

Let’s face it—the excitement for any kid going to camp for the first time never revolves around packing. Most kids, I’ve found, just want to be outside, be with their friends, and learn new things. But to do that takes just a little preparation. And we know that as a parent you've got a million other things to do, so we’ve boiled down the basics for you here, from the usual 10 essentials to our top five ingredients for the recipe of a great camp day. (If you like this article, check out other ‘essentials’ for planning adventures for kids.)

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May 23, 2019
Five Ways to Help Your Child Build Confidence

Five Ways to Help Your Child Build Confidence

It’s no secret that parents want their children to succeed. The same goes for camp instructors: we want to see your children learn how to rock climb for the first time, or try something they’ve never done before. It makes our day. More importantly, we want to be there with them on that journey of learning and exploration. And while helping kids succeed may seem like an easy task, teaching them to learn confidence can be much more daunting. So, from someone who has worked with kids her entire adult life, here’s how to support your child through any challenge they might encounter—and help them build confidence while doing so.

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