Forbes Features Avid4 Adventure: Key to Success is High-Quality Staff

Posted by Andrea Stutesman on January 23, 2019

Forbes Features Avid4 Adventure: Key to Success is High-Quality Staff

Forbes recently published an article featuring Avid4 Adventure highlighting the important role that hiring top quality and extremely qualified instructors has played in the success of the company. Outstanding instructors are fundamental in achieving our mission to empower kids to choose active outdoor lifestyles and we couldn't do it without them! Read more about what sets our staff apart here.

As Forbes states:

'A big part of Avid4Aventure’s success was its focus on high-quality staff.  Avid4’s instructors are a huge selling point. “Our staff is just different,” [Paul] Dreyer explains. “They’re our No. 1 resource. [For] Most summer camps in that crowded market, it’s usually 16- to 18-year-old kids or college kids who are doing this for a summer job, whereas our average age of staff is 25, 26, and they’re really educators...” '

To see the full article from Forbes, click here.

That focus on high-quality staff has accelerated the growth of our company which has gone from one employee in 2003 (Founder, Dave Secunda) to 25 year-round employees and 650 seasonal staff serving 20,000 campers. Avid4 Adventure has grown from its one summer camp location in Boulder, Colorado to 18 day camp locations and 3 overnight camp locations including Bailey, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Denver, Evergreen, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Lafayette and Superior in Colorado; Burlingame, Mill Valley, Moraga, Oakland and Palo Alto in the Bay Area of California; and Portland, Oregon. 

With expansion creates a growing opportunity for high-quality staff. Do you want to join the team or know anyone who would be interested in empowering kids to build confidence through outdoor sports like mountain biking, paddling, hiking or rock climbing? We're hiring!

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