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February 19, 2024
Finding Your Niche in the Outdoor Industry as a Guide

Finding Your Niche in the Outdoor Industry as a Guide

Pull up a log around our virtual campfire as the Avid4 Adventure Expeditions National Manager, Aimee Gunn, sparks a conversation about navigating the complex landscape of guiding in the outdoor industry. Aimee's diverse professional background across the globe offers a lighthearted and raw perspective of the rewards and challenges associated with making the outdoors your office. Learn about the "Backcountry Day Camp" program she helped Avid pilot, aimed at providing mentorship and hands-on experiences across a plethora of guiding disciplines. 

Feeling curious about guiding or lost on your path in the Outdoor Industry?  Browse our open opportunities, or reach out to our Talent Acquisition team about your path!

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March 6, 2023
Top 5 Reasons to Work for Avid4 Adventure

Top 5 Reasons to Work for Avid4 Adventure

Avid4 Adventure was born out of a desire to foster a lifelong love for the outdoors and ensure the future caretaking of our planet. From learning how to ride a bike, all the way to a first backpacking trip — outdoor experiences serve as impactful punctuation points in our lives. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique perspectives to the work, but remain united by the shared passion of changing lives through challenge, discovery, and joy. 

TLDR: Life's too short to work jobs you’re not passionate about. Here are 5 reasons to join us:

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November 16, 2020
Top 10 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Educator or Camp Counselor Summer Job

What an amazing day. We made skillet oatmeal pancakes on the camp stove, topped with warm, spiced berries, ran around the field more times than I could count, practiced the ‘scooting technique’ that is an important step to biking without training wheels, and were collapsed in a heap on the grass, waiting for parents. All but one camper had gone home. Having exhausted my pile of books, one little camper (we’ll call him G) and I were simply watching the world go by. I happened to look up at the sky and noticed that one of the clouds looked exactly like a feather. I pointed it out to G. He agreed—it was a feather. And then I sat with rapt attention as G—who was 4—proceeded to fabricate an extremely intricate story about a superhero who used the tickling powers of feathers to overcome bad guys.

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April 6, 2018
4 Reasons Why You Should be Working for Avid4 Adventure

Are you considering joining our team? 

As a member of the Avid4 Adventure staff, you’ll spend your days doing the outdoor activities you love—climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, backpacking—all while inspiring a new generation of intrepid adventurers and outdoors enthusiasts. It’s crazy fun, blissfully tiring and endlessly rewarding—no wonder our staffers tell us it’s the best summer camp job they’ve ever had.

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