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Cassidy has always felt at home in the mountains. Growing up in Mammoth Lakes, a ski resort town in the Eastern Sierras, she found adventure through skiing and hiking with her family. While attending college at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Cassidy studied Sociology and was introduced rock climbing, her current favorite outdoor activity. After graduating in 2018, she moved to Boulder, CO to work for Avid4 Adventure as a day camp instructor and fell in love with working with kids outside. Today, Cassidy is the Operations Supervisor for Washington Park Day Camp and hopes to make a difference in both the lives of kids and staff through the shared core values that Avid4 Adventure holds.
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February 11, 2019
Three Ways Outdoor Adventure May Benefit a Child's Mental Health

Three Ways Outdoor Adventure May Benefit a Child's Mental Health 

At Avid4 Adventure, one of our core values is balance, meaning that we as outdoor educators live and encourage the balance of work and play in our lives. However, as screened entertainment continues to absorb the attention of children, outdoor play can disappear as a potential outlet for kids struggling to find mental and emotional harmony. The physical benefits of outdoor recreation are well-known today, such as reduction to risk of chronic illnesses and obesity. What are often not discussed are the benefits to a child’s mental and emotional health. Many researchers have studied the effects of exercise in natural, outdoor environments on mental health, and have found the following trends on outdoor adventure:

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