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September 23, 2019
Supporting Kids With Disabilities at Summer Camp

When you look at the Avid4 Adventure website you’ll be presented with images of happy, healthy, adventurous children on every page. For most parents and guardians, those three words are a simple, all-encompassing description of what they want for their kiddos at summer camp and beyond. Happy. Healthy. Adventurous.

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July 22, 2019
Looking Beyond Fun: Feeling Included is What Really Matters to Kids

Looking Beyond Fun: Feeling Included is What Really Matters to Kids

When parents decide to sign up their kiddos for a week of summer camp, their heads are likely filled with images of their child scaling a rock climbing route, triumphantly paddling a kayak all by themselves, and, most importantly, coming home exhausted and happy five days in a row. Cultivating a culture of inclusivity is probably not the first skill that comes to mind at registration. And yes, I’m using the word skill here because the comprehension and practice of this type of social capability is not completely innate. Sure, some kids might have a natural talent for making others feel welcome in a group the same way some kids might be able to ride a bike without training wheels on the first day, but each skill begins with a lesson and is developed with practice. This is where the Respect PONY comes in.

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