Avid4 Summer Camps Opening in Bend, OR; Minneapolis, MN & Seattle, WA!

Posted by Paul Dreyer on October 7, 2019

Hello Friends of Avid4 Adventure,

This is Paul and I have the great pleasure of serving as our CEO here at Avid4.

Around this time last year, I wrote a blog post about expanding into our third state and opening summer day camps in Portland, Oregon. It is so fun to be back here to tell you—(1) Our first summer in Portland was a great success, and (2) We’re opening more new day camps in 2020! In fact, we’re opening in THREE different regions next summer.

Avid4 Adventure is coming to….

Registration for the 2020 summer camp season is now open! To receive more information about summer camps in our new locations, sign up the link below.

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As we all know, our mission at Avid4 Adventure is more relevant than ever. The need for kids to spend time away from screens, live healthier lives, and learn to care for our planet continues to grow. All regions of our country continue to see similar trends of increasing screen time for kids, decreased funding for physical education and opportunities for outdoor play, and of protecting open spaces.

So, for us, the choice to expand and open in additional geographic locations is a relatively easy decision. Simply put, more Avid camps means more kids and families outside. However, it also means much more. Here are three other things that growing into other regions means:

  • More jobs. Avid4 empowers kids to live active and healthy lifestyles in the outdoors, but perhaps even more importantly, we empower and inspire adults to do that work—both at camp, and then beyond in careers that make positive impacts in kids’ lives. More camp locations will provide more empowering work opportunities in those areas.
  • More support for our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. In our current Front Range, Colorado and Bay Area, California locations, we now have limited capacity for additional growth, mostly due to limited access to additional authentic recreation areas. Opening in new regions provides us with additional revenue sources that will directly support increased financial assistance and scholarships for kids/families to attend Avid4 camps in ANY/ALL of our locations.
  • More (and deeper) conversations with outdoor industry partners. Avid4 is committed to being a part of the NATIONAL conversation around outdoor, adventure, and environmental education through our influential summer camps. Being a part of more local communities will allow us to be a part of those larger, conversations in more meaningful and more effective ways.


Of course, we will always prioritize quality over growth. Next summer in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Bend (and at every Avid camp), kids and parents will experience all of the same things that have always made Avid4 Adventure great—small group sizes, world-class staff, authentic outdoor recreation and gear, and customer service that exceeds expectations. We are committed to “growing big, feeling small.”

Expanding into new regions of the country is a BIG deal. It’s really exciting, and sure, it’s also a bit scary—just like rock climbing a route that you have never climbed. When I go rock climbing, the biggest thing that alleviates any fear that I might have is my relationship with my belayer. Through communication and ongoing support, my belayer helps me succeed as I climb higher and into unknown territory.

As Avid4 Adventure expands into new and unknown territories, it will be less scary for us if YOU can be one of our belayers. Here are two ways for you to support our expansion efforts:

  1. Share the news via email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, with your communities.
  2. Complete the quick form below if you have any contacts to share or if you are interested in working with us in one of our new locations

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Beyond this simple form, if you want to share more information or if you want to learn more about how we “grow big, feel small” please reach out to me directly at paul@avid4.com.

The adventure continues in Seattle, Minneapolis, Bend, and beyond—thanks for coming along!

Paul Dreyer, CEO

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