20 Reasons Why We Work At Avid4 Adventure

Posted by Andrea Stutesman on November 11, 2019

There are so many amazing moments that happen at Avid4 Adventure summer camps—moments like teaching a child to ride a bike for the first time or seeing a kid finally choose to paddle in a kayak after they've explained, in detail, their extreme fear of water, and so many countless others. However, these experiences are not limited to having an impact on just campers. Experiences at camp also have a profound influence on the instructors as well.

Often, the memorable times that instructors have are from making a positive impact on a child's life or helping them overcome a fear. Our staff feel that the work they do makes a difference when they can can teach a child a new outdoor sport or new ways to respect and appreciate their natural surroundings. However, staff have often shared ways in which they've felt empowered, gained a new perspective, new skills or have overcome their own fears in the exact same way that campers do. Whether it's during staff training, a sport-specific Avid4 Adventure clinic, or an after-work adventure with co-workers, it's not only kids who are inspired to test their limits and step outside of their comfort zones.

It becomes sort of a domino effect. Camp instructors build on their outdoor skills through our staff training, ongoing workshops throughout the summer, or from other experienced co-workers, who then go on to teach these skills to campers. Then, campers pass on that knowledge to their friends and family empowering even more people to get outdoors.

Avid4 Adventure is a truly special place to work for our seasonal staff. In addition to motivating kids to be active in the outdoors and being challenged and inspired, here are 20 reasons why we work at Avid4 Adventure.

Why We Work at Avid4 Adventure, Why Camp?

  1. We truly care about the work we do.
  2. We want to leave the world in better shape than we found it.
  3. We know that kids have so much to teach us, too.
  4. Kids keep us young at heart.
  5. Avid4 Adventure is a community of some of the coolest, most genuine, passionate, knowledgeable and big hearted people there are!
  6. Working at Avid4 Adventure challenges you to be true to yourself, who you are, and who you want to be.
  7. Being an instructor pushes you outside of your comfort zone over and over again, leading to serious personal and professional growth.
  8. We are constantly trying new things.
  9. We get to spend our summers in some of the most beautiful locations.
  10. We get to be role models and directly influence kids to make good decisions, be true to themselves, and be kind and confident adults in the future.
  11. We constantly encounter people and experiences that inspire us.
  12. Everyday is meaningful.
  13. We are invested in the growth of each and every camper.
  14. We feel empowered and energized to be a better version of ourselves each day.
  15. We believe every kid should have the opportunity to be a kid and to explore the outdoors.
  16. Even though we can’t always see it right away, we know we're making a difference.
  17. We learn to accept and respect others, especially the ones we don’t always agree with.
  18. We learn patience and empathy are our greatest tools in any difficult situation.
  19. On a daily basis, we see kids push past their perceived limits as a result of outdoor adventure.
  20. There are times when we are exhausted—mentally, physically, and emotionally—and we’ve never felt more alive.

We think Avid4 Adventure is a pretty special place to work. Learn more about what makes Avid4 Adventure a great place to work and see our current job openings by clicking the link below. 

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Thank you to Claire Dunlap, Avid4 Adventure Overnight Camp Director at Windy Peak for providing this great list!

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