Black Lives Matter: We Have Work to Do

Posted by Paul Dreyer on June 18, 2020

These are extraordinarily challenging times. We know that COVID-19 is a novel, unprecedented virus. Unfortunately, we are also severely struggling with an ugliness that is all too familiar—systemic racism.

Black Lives Matter.

We see the violence. We see the disregard for black lives. We see the deaths. In outdoor spaces, we also see that people of color continue to feel unsafe from microaggressions, harassment, and violence simply for being outside.

Our mission at Avid4 Adventure is to empower kids to choose active and healthy outdoor lifestyles. Our mission must serve all kids, and we know that it is not serving Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) as well as it should.

For our Avid4 staff, parents, and kids who identify as BIPOC—we see all of you, and we acknowledge that right now Black Americans are hurting the most as a result of years of systemic injustices.

For our Avid4 community who does not identify as BIPOC: we have work to do.

Avid4 Adventure is an organization of leaders and we intend to challenge our leaders and our organization to do even better; for our industry, for our country, and for our world. We are committed to supporting justice and we cannot get justice without action.

Action is not simply a message, a post, or a hashtag. Sure, messages of support are absolutely needed and they will help start and facilitate conversations, but one message (or 100 messages) will not "solve" this.

In the short term, Avid4 Adventure pledges our support to the Black Lives Matter movement and to the peaceful protests happening throughout the world. We will work to mobilize our staff to attend BLM marches, and we encourage our Avid4 community to amplify our efforts through financial donations to justice based organizations in the geographies most impacted.

In the next year, we pledge additional action through deepening partnerships with other organizations and a further commitment to ensuring leadership opportunities at all levels within Avid4 for those who identify as BIPOC.

In the longer term, we commit to our leadership team and full time workforce aligning with the diversity of the communities we serve.

With humility and resolve, and on behalf of the entire Avid4 Adventure leadership,

Paul Dreyer, CEO

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Topics: Diversity in the outdoors, Inclusivity