Not Just Knots and Paddle Strokes — Transferable Skills Kids Learn at Summer Camp

Posted by Sarah Pekala on February 18, 2019

Not Just Knots and Paddle Strokes — Transferable Skills Kids Learn at Summer Camp

At Avid4 Adventure, we are well known for introducing children to a variety of outdoor sports. We use a solid curriculum that helps campers build a foundation of technical, hard skills. Campers then have the chance to build on those skills at each camp they attend. However, it’s not all knots and paddle strokes. The beauty of spending time outside at camp is that every day includes learning transferable skills that are applicable to a child’s day to day life. Kids walk away from camp with life skills that will help them grow into well rounded and happy adults.

Making New Friends

Entering a new group of kids on the first day of camp can be intimidating, but it’s great practice for real life. At Avid4 Adventure, we know how vitally important those first five minutes of a camper’s Monday can be. We strive to ensure each camper feels welcome through warm introductions and connecting on a personal level. We make it a point to introduce campers to other kids in their group right off the bat and quickly get them engaged in a group game. We have lessons throughout every day that create an inclusive environment and help break down any potential barriers between campers. Silly getting-to-know-you games are great at showing children things they may have in common with one another and introduce topics that might spark future friendships. The hope is not only that campers feel comfortable in a new situation, but that there is a positive culture at camp which helps foster friendships as well. Outside of the camp environment, perhaps a child might have the ability to walk up to a new person to introduce themselves making the first day of school a little bit easier.

Trying New Things

Trying something for the first time among peers is an invaluable experience for a child. Whether a camper succeeds on the first try or needs a few practice runs, the key is they have taken a step out of their comfort zone and gave it a shot. Whether it’s learning to ride a bike or reaching the top of a rock climb, Avid4 Adventure is full of opportunities for children to try new things. Learning and experiencing new things at camp — in a safe and supportive environment — can do wonders for a child’s confidence. It might encourage them to take a chance on the next soccer try-out or run for student class president. Getting kids out of their comfort zones and having them engage in positive risk taking can set a foundation of confidence and courage for their futures.

Patience & Flexibility

Our outdoor classrooms are a great way for children to practice patience, tolerance and flexibility. No two days outside are ever the same. Amazing lessons can be learned from staying (and playing!) outside in all types of weather. That’s why we teach kids to be prepared and thrive in whatever Mother Nature throws at them. Campers are able to practice adjusting their expectations about a day outdoors, if it suddenly starts to rain on a hike or bike ride. Or maybe a day kayaking quickly becomes much more challenging because the wind picked up. When campers have a chance to experience these unexpected changes, it helps them learn real-life coping skills when things don’t go as planned.


While outdoor adventure sports are at the heart of what we do at Avid4 Adventure, children are gaining so much more by coming to camp. Our hope, after a child experiences the outdoors with Avid4 Adventure, is that they not only leave with the skills for the great outdoors but skills to navigate life.

At Avid4 Adventure, we teach kids from pre k - 12th grade a variety of outdoor adventure sports like mountain biking, paddling, hiking and climbing that they can return to for a lifetime with summer overnight and day camp options. Day camp locations include Boulder, Lafayette, Superior, Golden, Denver, Lowry, Stapleton, Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs in Colorado; Burlingame, Mill Valley, Moraga, Oakland and Palo Alto in the Bay Area of California; and Portland, Oregon. Overnight camps are located in Evergreen and Bailey, Colorado with new Expedition Camps that take off from Boulder. For more information on how we teach each adventure sport, click the link below. 

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