A Letter From Our Chief Empowerment Officer

Posted by Paul Dreyer on March 21, 2018

My name is Paul Dreyer and I'm CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) here at Avid4 Adventure. I want to let you in on of some of the new ways that we as a company are trying to be good stewards of the environment. With National Park fees scheduled to increase dramatically, protected National Monuments shrinking in size and oil and gas companies getting more and more access to drilling in delicate landscapes, we know that everyone needs to do their part to help protect our world. We have 8 Core Values at Avid, and each year we choose one of those values to honor. This year, our Core Value focus is Live Environmentally Connected.

Sure, we already do a pretty good job of Living Environmentally Connected, but we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and our company. Here are a few things we're doing in 2018:

  • B Corp Certified. By the end of this year, we will be a certified B (Benefit) Corporation. If you are unfamiliar with B Corp, it is essentially to business what “Fair Trade” is to coffee, “USDA Organic” is to milk or “LEED” is to building. This accreditation is difficult to achieve and maintain. We are choosing to challenge ourselves and to be held accountable for our actions through annual environmental/benefit reviews.
  • Zero Waste Camp Locations. We know that we won’t get there this summer, but we are committed to moving towards zero waste camps and excited to test some new systems this summer. In 2018, our camps will have clearly labeled “zero waste” stations with the option to dispose of waste in one of three bins: recycle, compost or landfill (the smallest of the three). At the end of each day, instructors and kids will sort through their lunches and dispose of their waste properly (which is the third Leave No Trace (LNT) principle).
  • Reusing as Much as Possible. Snacks are great; they keep us going on long days outdoors. They also tend to come in little plastic wrappers. In fact, through our partnership with KIND and Honey Stinger, we provide thousands of plastic wrappers to our campers. This summer, we will be collecting all of these bar wrappers and giving them to an organization that will repurpose them.

I love nothing more than connecting with our parents and would be happy to share more of the ways we are bringing our Core Values to camp and our Headquarters. Please reach out at any time to connect and chat (my contact information is below).

I hope all is well in your world, and that you and your family have already enjoyed many days outside so far this year.

With such gratitude,

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Paul Dreyer, CEO

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