Empowering More Kids Through Financial Assistance

Posted by Emily Moeschler on March 21, 2018

Avid4 Adventure wants to empower as many kids as possible to choose active, outdoor lifestyles. That's why we've expanded our financial assistance program in 2018 to reach more kids than ever.

This year, we're extending assistance to families with a broader range of income levels—those earning less than $100,000 per year—and to a higher number of kids—over 450. Assistance ranges from 25 – 100% of tuition and is awarded based on need, motivation and diversity.

Avid4 Adventure matches all scholarship contributions dollar for dollar. In 2017,  $150,000 in scholarship awards provided 395 kids the experience of a lifetime. 

"This is a boy who has been through so much in his short 7 years.  A boy who has lacked confidence, was resistant to try new things in front of others, and had no outdoors experience.  Benny's Avid4 Adventure experience transformed him; two weeks after his session, he was kayaking on a friend's lake and ASKING to go to the bike park!  Four months later, his Avid4 Adventure bracelet is still crusted on his wrist."  - Parent of a Scholarship Recipient 

Boy biking down trail.jpg

Applications for Avid4 Adventure day camps are due April 15, 2018. Check out our financial assistance page for information about how to apply or how to make a donation to our financial assistance program (which we'll match 100%!).