A Partnership to Connect Underserved Kids with the Outdoors

Posted by Emily Moeschler on March 21, 2018

We're excited to join Thorne Nature Experience's "Nature Kids" Lafayette, CO program, a five-year, $10 million project aimed at connecting underserved Lafayette, CO kids and their families to nature. Thorne invited us to join their dozens of nonprofit, public agency and local business partners on this ambitious initiative, tasking us to provide outdoor adventures to families who might face barriers to recreating outdoorsfinancial hardship, lack of comfort or experience outdoors, or other obstacles. 

Our collaboration is still taking shape, but here's what we have planned so far: four half-day adventures this summer for local Lafayette, CO families who may not have much access to, or experience in, the outdoors. We're taking them rock climbing, stand up paddleboarding and biking, plus doing a mountain bike orientation at Josephine Roche Open Space, a fantastic park right in Lafayette, CO.

Rock Climbing and SUP.png

While these adventures are only one piece of a larger project, we're so grateful to do our part in introducing healthy, positive experiences to Lafayette kids and their families. We look forward so sharing more in the months to come.