Colorado Outdoor Recreation Areas For The Whole Family

Posted by Emily Moeschler on April 3, 2018

==Oh, the places you'll camp this summer! We're sharing our favorite local outdoor recreation areas in Colorado for the whole family so you can get outdoors and get active at the places we travel to at camp during the summer! These Colorado outdoor recreation areas are just the beginning of an active lifestyle.

One gorgeous morning over breakfast, we were deciding where to go biking when my son told us he had the perfect spot. He wanted to go “where I went with Avid4 Adventure.” “Great,” I said, excited for the opportunity to try somewhere new and have Jack show us someplace he’d been without us.

The only problem was that Jack didn’t know the name of the place. He thought it was “kind of near the dog park, but not really” and “it wasn’t far away, and we were on a bumpy road off a busy street.” So helpful, right? You’ve all had similar conversations with your kids, I’m sure!


Go where Avid4 Adventure goes

Avid4 Adventure is all about taking kids to areas that are close to campers' communities whether it’s a state park, open space or local recreation areas. We want kids to experience authentic outdoor sports – like rock climbing on real crags – and locations are deliberately chosen so that families can return after camp is over.


This year, we thought we’d let you know some of the locations your campers will be experiencing, so you can have an adventure of your own before camp starts!

A few staff favorites in Colorado:


  • The Flying J Ranch in Jefferson County is an easy singletrack trail and terrific for beginners (and families) who want to increase their skills and confidence.
  • From double-wide dirt to singletrack, Palmer Park in Colorado Springs has a trail to match any mountain biking skill level. There is also lots of shade to provide much needed rest stops in the Colorado heat.



  • Elephant Buttress in Boulder Canyon is minutes from downtown Boulder and has easy to challenging climbs while you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery.
  • Garden of the Gods is Colorado Springs' iconic climbing site. Scale the sandstone spires or bike or hike along the many trails.



  • Hidden Mesa Open Space in Douglas County offers grasslands, shrub lands, meadows, forested areas, prairie dogs, elk, mule deer, bird species. Fun!
  • In Colorado Springs' Ute Valley, hike the trails along this hogback ridge with beautiful views of Pikes Peak. The many trails can accommodate all levels and be sure to bring a picnic to enjoy under the shade of the scrub oaks.


  • The Boulder Reservoir is always a good spot for family-friendly fun! This reservoir features a beach, picnic tables, and rentals if you don’t have equipment.
  • Canoe or kayak in beautiful Monument Lake situated to the North of Colorado Springs. This 40-acre lake offers fantastic views of the foothills.


Avid4 Adventure encourages families to continue the adventure AND not travel far to experience what campers did. So, grab the kids, bikes, paddles, backpacks or whatever and head out to one of our camp favorites! What are you waiting for? Get out and explore these local outdoor recreation areas in Colorado!

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