Real Outdoor Skills at Age 6

Posted by Emily Moeschler on July 23, 2018

Francesca at Avid4 Adventure’s Explorer Camp

We were at our neighborhood pool this week and my daughter and her friend were playing on a large raft. They were trying to both get on the raft and it kept moving making it difficult for the friend to get on. I asked if they needed help and my daughter responded "No, I know how to pull someone up onto a boat or raft...I learned it at Avid." She proceeded to pull her friend up using the method she learned at Avid explaining to me, step-by-step, what she was doing.

Francesca Capsel 1

This is a simple example but just one of many where I have seen of my 6 year old truly learning skills from her time with Avid. It's fun and adventurous but also teaching her real skillsand that is my favorite part of it.

Francesca Capsel 4

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