What She Learned at Age 4. Watch Out World!

Posted by Emily Moeschler on July 23, 2018

Islay at Avid4 Adventure's Discovery Camp

My 4 year old daughter Islay was really nervous for her rock climbing day at Avid 4 Adventure. We talked a lot about it she’s of time to ease her fears but she was still nervous. When I picked her up that day from camp she couldn’t stop talking about how great rock climbing was! She said “I was really scared but my teachers helped me a lot. I decided I would try it, and if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do more. Each time I got better and climbed higher, and I really ended up loving it Mom!” She told me that next year she was going to climb to the top to press the button that flushes all the toilets in the world, that gave me a great laugh! 

Islay Murrow 1

The counselors were amazing, patient, encouraging and loving at the same time. I was worried that Avid might be too much for her and boy was I wrong, she thrived in the environment, pushed herself out of her comfort zone, made new friends and had a blast!

Islay Murrow 2

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