One Girl Teaches Us All Why It’s OK To Fall

Posted by Emily Moeschler on July 23, 2018

My daughter always needs a little more encouragement or a push to try new adventures and activities. This is one of the major reasons I had enrolled her in this camp because I was impressed with all the activities and adventures that were planned for each day, some of which she has never tried before.

Riya Shah 3

On the first day of mountain biking she fell twice and had severe bruises and scratches on both her knees and legs.  She didn’t give up and continued enjoying the activity. When she came home, I was worried about her bruises and the potential pain.  However, she was the one who comforted ME and said “Don’t worry, Mom. That’s how we kids learn. We all fall but then we get up and try again!” Her pictures from that day and every day did indeed prove that she enjoyed every moment of itincluding biking.

Riya Shah 2

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